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    Planning your move

    US Power Movers wants to work with you to make your move as simple as possible. With that in mind we wanted to offer you with several tips to help plan your next move to make it a success.
    • Creating a list or itinerary to help organize all the important details of your move is a great way to ensure you don’t miss anything. Even a simple checklist can help ensure you don’t forget a thing.
    • Since you’ve got to go through all yoru belongings for the move anyway, now is the perfect time to get more organized. That means starting by getting rid of things you no longer want, and putting the things you do want to keep in their proper place in the new home. Hold a yard sale to sell all the things you no longer need and earn a little extra cash!
    • You’ll want to notify a variety of different people about your move. Starting with your landloard (if you rent).
    • Also complete a US Postal Service change of Form. Make sure you have turned off all your utilities, or had them transferred to your new home..


    • – Always purchase the right moving supplies in advance of the move. Getting the right types of boxes and other supplies can make your move go much smoother.
    • – Don’t forget to pick up protective packing like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to keep your fragile items safe.
    • – Pack up everything room by room to keep things organized.
    • – Mark every box with a list of what it contains and what room it should go to.
    • – Don’t procrastinate. Start as soon as possible by packing up things you don’t use on a regular basis.
    • – Keep important items like medication, cell phone chargers and check books available so you can get at them if you need them during the move.
    • – Don’t over pack boxes. Remember, you will need to move them around so make sure you can lift them.

    Moving with your pet

    • Plan in advance. Start making arraignments for your pet at least 2-3 weeks prior.
    • Keep pets with a friend or have a designated “pet-sitter”